For as when high from the gloriously voiced, the organ
Within a holy hall

Untainted welling from inexhaustible pipes,
The prelude, awakening men, rings out in the morning
And far and wide, from mansion to mansion,
Now pours the refreshing, the melodious current,
Down to the chilly shadows even filling
The house with inspirations,
But now awake and rising to it, to
The sun of celebration, responds the
Community’s choir (…)

Friedrich Hölderlin, At the source of the Danube
trad. M. Hamburger

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Saint Michael • Munich • Germany

October 15th 2021 – 20.00

On this very organ my teacher Jean Guillou gave his last recital on the 28th of October 2018.

My program this evening reflects as a mirror his dramaturgy:

a heroic work between two classic works and Jean Guillou’s heroic saga on the end.



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18th April 2020: 90th anniversary of Maestro Jean Guillou