For as when high from the gloriously voiced, the organ
Within a holy hall

Untainted welling from inexhaustible pipes,
The prelude, awakening men, rings out in the morning
And far and wide, from mansion to mansion,
Now pours the refreshing, the melodious current,
Down to the chilly shadows even filling
The house with inspirations,
But now awake and rising to it, to
The sun of celebration, responds the
Community’s choir (…)

Friedrich Hölderlin, At the source of the Danube
trad. M. Hamburger

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Church of St Felice e Fortunato • Noale • Italy

October 17th 2020 – 20.45

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Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa 

Canzon francese del principe

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/Jean Guillou:

Adagio et rondo en ut mineur KV 617

Jean Guillou

Suite pour Rameau 

  I. Rondo

II. Air tendre pour la Rose

III. L’Indiscrète 

IV. Gavotte

V. Le Neveu de Rameau

VI. Tendres Plaintes

VII. L’Ingénue

VIII. Diderot 

IX. La Rebelle

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/Jean Guillou

Adagio et fugue en ut mineur KV 546

Franz Liszt:

Consolations, S. 172
IV. Quasi adagio en ré bémol majeur 

V. Andantino en mi majeur (transcription d’Alexander Wilhelm Gottschalg) 

VI. Allegretto sempre cantabile en mi majeur (transcription d’A. W. Gottschalg) 

Zuzana Ferjenčíková: 


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18th April 2020: 90th anniversary of Maestro Jean Guillou