Zuzana Ferjenčíková

Zuzana Ferjenčíková is a Slovak organist, pianist and composer. She studied i.a. in Bratislava (with Ján Vladimír Michalko) and in Vienna (with Peter Planyavsky), but has been influenced especially by the teaching of and collaboration with Jean Guillou. She won numerous prizes in international competitions and in 2004 she was the first woman to be awarded the First Prize of the International Organ Improvisation Competition in Haarlem.

She was the main organist at the Benedictine Abbey “Unserer Lieben Frau zu den Schotten” in Vienna. She used to teach organ interpretation and improvisation at the Conservatory in Bratislava but for now she gives mainly master-classes. On a regular basis she also takes part in international organ competition juries. She has founded the “Wiener Franz Liszt-Gesellschaft” and serves as its president. Since 2015 she lives in Switzerland.

As a performer, her interests lie mainly in the Romantic period, in particular the works of Franz Liszt, but also in contemporary music, notably the compositions of Jean Guillou. As a composer, she writes concert pieces for organ, piano and various instrumental formations, as well as music for the Roman-Catholic liturgy.