Without opus number:

Lobgesang, for violin and piano
Credo, for organ
After a partita by Bach, for cello

Jesu meine Freude, Choralfantasie

for organ, op. 1 (dedicated to Juraj Beneš, approx. 2000)

Ad Mattai, Psalm 6

for flute and organ, op. 2 (2005)
premiere: Lockenhaus, 2006, by Peter Planyavsky, with Andreas Planyavsky

Consolation VII

for piano, op. 3 (dedicated to Yves Mausen, 2006)


for two organs, op. 4 (dedicated to F. Nikolaus Poch OSB, 2006)
premiere: Vienna, 17 October 2006, with Monika Melcová


for organ, op. 5 (on texts by Hölderlin, dedicated to Jean Guillou, 2006)
premiere: Luxemburg, 8 October 2006

Ecce panis

for two organs, op. 6 (dedicated to F. Laurentius Eschlböck OSB, on the occasion of his ordination, 2007)
premiere: Vienna, 2007, with Ernst Wally

Miserere, Psalm 51

for organ and narrator, op. 7 (2007)
premiere: Vienna, 2007, by Kinga Földényi, with Manuel Schuen

Sub tuum præsidium

for organ, op. 8 (dedicated to Marianna Gazdíková, 2008)
premiere: Bratislava, 2008, by Marianna Gazdíková

Über uns, o Herr, erhebe Dein leuchtendes Antlitz!, Psalm 4

for organ, op. 9 (dedicated to F. Johannes Jung OSB, 2008)
premiere: Andechs, 2008

Canticum Moisis

for organ, op. 10 (2009)
premiere: Haarlem, 2009

Adoro te and Salve Regina

for two organs, op. 11 (on the occasion of F. Johannes Jung’s consecration as abbot, 2009)
premiere: Vienna, 2009, with F. Ralph Greis OSB

Mystère de l’amour, Symphonic Poem for Organ on the Mystery of the Holy Trinity

op. 12 (commissioned by Prof. Philipp Harnoncourt, dedicated to Philipp Harnoncourt, on the occasion of his 80. birthday, 2011)
premiere: Graz, Trinity Sunday, 19 June 2011

Visionen des Johannes

for soloists, choir, narrator and organ, op. 13 (commissioned by Förderverein Musica Sacra Ratingen and Mr Hans-Josef Lurweg, 2012)
premiere: Ratingen, Sunday of Christ the King, 25 November 2012, with Solistenensemble Den Haag, Frauenschola “Cantica”, Schola juvenalis, Junge Kantorei, conducted by Ansgar Wallenhorst

Gebet für den Heiligen Vater

for organ, op. 14 (dedicated to Pope Benedict XVI, 2013)
premiere: Vienna, 28 February 2013

Ave Maria

for soprano and organ, op. 15 (dedicated to F. Martin Rotheneder OSB, 2013)
premiere: Melk, 4 August 2013, with Simona Eisinger

In Deo speravi: non timebo, Psalm 56

for organ and cello, op. 16 (2014)
premiere: Vienna, 16 December 2014, with Michael Croitoru-Weissman


for piano, op. 17 (on a sculpture by Jean Kiras, dedicated to Yves Mausen, 2015)

Signum magnum, Fantasy on the Introit for the Feast of the Assumption for Organ Solo

op. 18 (commissioned by Orgelwoche, Heidenreichstein, dedicated to Eva Bublová, 2015)
premiere: Heidenreichstein, 18 August 2015, by Eva Bublová

Suite pour Platero, Douze pièces pour piano, d’après l’œuvre de Juan Ramón Jiménez Platero et moi – Elégie andalouse

op. 19 (commissioned by Katherine Nikitine)
premiere: Carouge, 18 June 2016, by students of the Conservatory of Geneva from the class of K. Nikitine and the classes of M. Veber and J.-Ch. Crapiz

Méditations mariales pour orgue

op. 20, I. Virgo Mater (dedicated to F. Michel Bertès, 2016)
premiere: Montpellier, 15 August 2016 (I.)

Ave Maria

for female choir and grand organ, op. 21 (commissioned by Förderverein Sankt Martin Bamberg, dedicated to Saint Martin Parish Church in Bamberg, 2017)
premiere: Bamberg, 20 May 2017, by Eva Bublová and Frauenschola St. Martin, with the support of students from the Oberstufenchor of the E.T.A.-Hoffmann-Gymnasium, conducted by Silvia Emmenlauer


for grand organ, op. 22 (dedicated to Ben van Oosten, 2017/2018)
premiere: The Hague, 24 August 2017

Valse éphémère

for organ, op. 23 (dedicated to Peter Planyavsky, 2017)

La Chasse aux oiseaux d’après des motifs de Marc Chagall, Fantaisie pour grand orgue

op. 24 (dedicated to Ansgar Wallenhorst, 2017)
premiere: Ratingen, 22 September 2017

Caresses de flamme

op. 25 (dedicated to Jean Guillou, 2019)
premiere: Laurenskerk Rotterdam, 5 June 2019


for piano, op. 26 (for Y.M., 2019)

Le dernier chant de Diotima, poème symphonique sur des textes de Hölderlin pour grand orgue

op. 27 (dedicated to Jean Guillou)
premiere: Nürtingen, 12 September 2020

Psaume 23

for grand organ, op. 28 (dedicated to Pater Georg Braulik OSB, 2021)
premiere: Vienna, 7 September 2021